The Big Eagle (Stóri Örn)

Stóri Örn  (Big Eagle)

Jæja, hér er Stóri Örn loksins búin.  Þetta er olía á striga, stærð 30x25x4cm og málað með palette hníf.  Stóri Örn er norðan við stóra Klif,  hægt er að ganga vestur meðfram Klifinu til að festa hann augum.  Þetta er mjög fallegur stór steinn, mætti halda að hann væri einn af útvöruðum eins og þrýdrangarnir eru í mínum augum.:)

Well my friends, finished at last and hope you like.  I decided to leave the foreground simple, instead giving the Big Eagle the main focus.  I used a palette knife on a stretched canvas size 30x25x4cm.

This will be a start to my solo exhibition, hopefully in November this year.


I got in a happier mood with my colors as you probably noticed.  I am using my palette knife to paint with as I find it makes bolder marks.  Next I have to plan how to finish this little piece of art, I thought of tall straws but gave up on the idea, mainly because they dont grow where this rock is situated.  Next great idea,  painting seagulls!  So now, I will have to take my iPad and try to catch them in flights and practice painting seagulls!

IMG_3102Here is the beginning of finding the hue but I got interrupted by an order for another painting which I had to start on immediately as it was for a wedding present.                         It will be in my next blog.

IMG_2831This is a beautiful single rock which stands proud a short distance from Eiði at Vestmannaeyjar.  It was such a warm and sunny day that I decided to go out sketching and enjoy the weather at the same time.  I did some color notes to assist myself with my oil painting. IMG_2823


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    1. Thank you very much George, you are the second one to comment! I am trying to learn this wordpress and find it a bit complicated but will get there in the end. It is like everything else “if you dont try you will never learn”.:)

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